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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Electrical Update

Data Logger:

I have, (as you know), ordered the Real Time Clock chip, and a few parts from Andrew H. Yesterday the coin cell, and the coin cell holder arrived from Andrew. I was so excited I didn't want to wait for the RTC from wherever in the world it's coming from, so I built the circuit all ready for the chip to be plugged in.

The clock carrier board can bee seen on the left, next to the 28X1 main board. The red wires lead to the socket for the casio lead. I haven't figured out how to do it yet, but I will. It involves some careful timing.

Go Kart Motor Driver

Was off sick from school today, (Gastroenteritis the Doc thinks), and priced up the bits and pieces I need for the enclosure. I'm planning to use a sealed polycarbonate project box. It has an IR68 rating, meaning that is is 100% dust proof, and Waterproof below 10m. I don't need it to be this good, but it will be good to have protection from the weather.

Anyway, the total cost of the parts comes to $34 from Jaycar, and $21 from DSE. I still have a $20 Gift Voucher for DSE from August last year! It's easy to see where I'll be buying the parts from. The problem is, you can't buy the case until AFTER you build the circuit. I'm not going to buy the case only to find nothing fits now am I...

The circuit will be build onto one of the KiwiPatch boards from Andrew. He has a great deal where you can get one free for every picture you post of one with a project. I have, let me count), six boards. I haven't claimed many of them either, (three in fact), so it won't be hard to increase my collection as needed. After this post I plan to measure the size of the board and compare it to the dimensions of the box. Fingers crossed.

More news next post :-)

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