The Workbench

The Workbench
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

All in a Day's Work

Today I did quite a bit on the go kart, not much on anything else. I tidied the bench just this morning. Look at it now!

Anyway, today I, with the help of my Dad :), re-did the case. I was hooking it up to the circuit, and the switch just kinda died... Bought NARVA brand gear. This stuff should last for years :-)



Much better huh? The weird texture was caused after a failed polishing. The dremel, (even though it was a cloth pad), really dug in. Polishing compound was stronger than I though.

Also on the bench is the datalogger, haven't made ANY progress... Tried to hook up the calculator to 28X1, harder than it was first time around I can tell you!

In The Future...
Hopefully my part, (RTC), from wherever in the world it's coming from arrives soon. I'm also waiting for the four MOSFETs from Ross. He had to order them in from Jaycar, so I'm not too surprised it's taken a little while. Sick with some weird illness ATM, so I'll get a bit of progress on this project while I'm home. Was hoping to buy Crysis, but I'm not keen on leaving town... Would have been good though :-). My Dad is pretty keen on it, so I'm sure we'll get it soon.

Enough from me for this post. I'll write another post when stuff strats arriving :-)

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